Diana's Current Workshop Offerings

Sinuous Slides, Snakes & Sircles
Slither and Slink across the stage, serpent style. Diana will share some of her signature undulation tips, tricks, and techniques for building strength and improving flexibility. Notes are provided, bring your own yoga mat.

Who Are You?
Can't cabaret? Tired of tribal? Frustrated by fusion? Using a mix of question-and-answer, improv dancing, and various types of music, dancers can help narrow their focus to the type of bellydance style that best fits their personality and passion.

Breakdown Dead Ahead
Phrasing, downbeats, accents and style - hearing what you need to hear in order to dance your best.
Learning how to hear inside the music helps each dancer choose a song that won't fight back during a performance, avoid the songs that make the audience yawn, and makes both improv and choreography easier.

Heads Up! It's a Matter of Balance
Dancing while balancing something on your head impresses your audience, but what if you're not the most graceful and coordinated dancer in the room? Learn some ways to improve your balance skills, as well as some "tricks" for avoiding falling objects. No Experience Necessary!

* Wooden dowels will be available to borrow, but if you have your own cane or stick feel free to bring it with you. (No Swords.) Also bring a bandanna or scarf to cover your hair.*

Use that Stick, Slick
Let Adoration Galore (Diana the Dancer's burlesque alter-ego) show you how to handle a big stick! Twirl, toss, and tease with sassy steps and combos that can be used to spice up any performance and keep the hum-drum away. Using a stick can accentuate your basic belly dance moves or add heat and fire to make it saucy.
* Wooden dowels will be available to borrow, or bring your own cane/stick. R-Rated Workshop. *

Beginner Bellydance Moves for "Ladies Night Out" Gatherings
Designed especially for bachelorette parties, girls' getaways, ladies night out, mom-and-daughter events. This 2-hour workshop will demonstrate and teach some of the most common bellydance moves, and put it together into a short choreography. (This workshop can easily be customized for your event.) Basic moves include figure-8 hips, shimmies, snake arms, rib circles, and more! Bellydance is a family-friendly activity, suitable for all ages. A complimentary performance is included.

Invite Diana to Teach at Your Event

Please "Contact Me" with information on your event. I'd love to come and dance with you!